The world at large is becoming increasingly conscious of the waste we all generate. This is particularly true and important for large metropolitan centres like London, where waste production has reached an all-time high due to growing population numbers. Materials like plastic and rubber are particularly problematic, since they require special care to be recycled in a safe manner. Burning them is pretty much not an option due to their toxicity – so resorting to recycling is the best hing we can do.

This is mostly because of a chemical agent called dioxin, which is one of the results of burning plastic and rubber. That name might seem abstract, but the chemical has a very real, very direct effect on the human immune system. it can be the source of many diseases, starting with causing new, as well as intensifying existing, skin allergies, but that’s far from where the consequences end. The dioxin produced in the process of plastic and rubber burning settles on plants, including crops in the fields that are later used as food materials, which means that we are directly consuming the very toxin we generate by simply burning plastic. Choosing to recycle, then, can have a tangible effect on our physical health.

That’s not even going into the more global consequences of not disposing of rubbish in a safe manner. Non-decomposable waste, on top of being a direct threat to human healthy, is also a threat to the ecosystem at large, contributing to the growing emmissions of CO2, hastening the greenhouse effect and, as a result, causing global warming which can have catastrophic consequences in the long run not just for humans, but for the Earth’s entire ecosystem as well. That’s why we should all take special care when getting rid of plastic bottles, rubber tires, glass, etc. That’s also the reason why Rubbish Solutions has decided to prioritise recycling and eco-friendliness in their extensive service.

Of course, it’s hard to not consider the other side. Creating a new plastic bottle from a raw material is quicker and cheaper than recycling the plastic waste from older bottles to create new ones, but in the end, it can save us all a lot of trouble in the long run. Rubbish Solutions goes to great lengths to ensure that all materials are disposed of in a safe, eco-friendly way, so you can count on us to recycle all of our waste, whenever it’s possible.