Tele Rubbish Solutions London LTD, 94 Cygnet Ave
TW14 0DT Feltham London,
0203 638 3365 Companies House Number 10971988
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Check the prices of our trash collection services. They start from as low as 60L! As a result of developed, highly beneficial system, you always pay for the exact amount of rubbish we clear - half the load means half the price!

The costs of our services depend as well on the type and weight of the trash, as it requires the use of different vehicles for transportation as well as time consumption might be considerably higher. Additional payment is required for collecting such appliances, as PC monitors, TVs or fridges, as their environmentally friendly utilisation requires much more effort and involves higher costs. Also concrete, stone and brick elements are transported on the basis of different price range, based on their weight.

Do not forget to plan ahead and book now the chosen option. In case of questions contact us through the online form or call us!

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concrete / brick / stone
1 tonne
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tv / monitors
from £10
domestic fridges
from £30
commercial fridges
from £60
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