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As the westernmost and the second largest area in the city, home of Heathrow Airport, Brunel University and over 200 green areas, Hillingdon is one of the most important districts in the whole city. Those who live here deserve to receive the best and the most comprehensive rubbish collection services a company can offer. That’s why we wanted to ensure that our Hillingdon rubbish collections cover the needs of both our household and enterprise clients. If you’re in Hillingdon London, and you’re looking for the best recycling and waste collection service, you know who to contact now.

If you’re an inhabitant of the beautiful London, Hillingdon, you can use our services to easily remove:

  • old furniture,
  • electrical devices,
  • carpets,
  • flooring and other waste in an eco-friendly and cheap way.

Our rubbish removal services are available to companies as well.

You will easily get rid of all unnecessary computers, useless tables, chairs, and other equipment and pieces of furniture. We also offer building sites thrash removal. We will clean all kinds of waste, even hazardous substances, and always do it in a safe way. Each time, our employees make sure they leave the whole space clean, they help to load the trash, take care of the documentation and permissions. You will not have to worry about anything during the entirety of the waste collection process!

The Cost of Rubbish Collection Hillingdon

There are no hidden costs of rubbish removal in Hillingdon. The price you are told is the one you will pay – and you can be sure that our prices are unbeatable. What is more, you will spend your money only on space you use in a truck – if it is half-full, then you pay only half of the regular price.

You have to realize that waste collection and recycling should be done by professionals – getting rid of garbage isn’t as easy as taking out the trash – especially if it is after a home renovation, an office remodelling, or similar large projects.  Especially in Hillingdon, where we have special laws and rules regarding the manner we get rid of trash and recycle. Hillingdon refuse collection and processing isn’t the same as a small town in Scotland, you need a special service that knows the requirements and the laws in Hillingdon. That’s why you’ll find that a lot of waste collection services are quite expensive. That’s what makes a special. We are deeply familiar with Hillingdon, we know how to transport waste to the Hillingdon Recycling Centre as inexpensively as possible, we know serve households efficiently, and we do that every single day, and we respond to the need of the business community here in Hillingdon. So, when collection day comes and you are looking for a company to call, you know which is the right one!

Check our services in Hillingdon UB10

We are small, but very effective team

Rubbish Clearance service in Hillingdon

Hillingdon is a large borough located in the centre of the city. It is considered to be the city’s gate to the world as it is a place where Heathrow Airport and RAF airport are located. The area is home to 239 parks and open spaces, numerous rivers, canals, and woodlands. Besides Heathrow Airport, there are beautiful landmarks in Hillingdon which attract a lot of tourists. They include Hillington Court, the Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Grand Union Canal. Neighbouring boroughs include Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hounslow, Ealing, and Harrow.

Hillingdon’s high-quality homes, massive area, and industrial nature present a challenge to a lot of waste removal companies. It is hard to deal with all these challenges effectively and efficiently while keeping costs low and satisfy the residents of Hillingdon. Waste collection is not as easy is it sounds – you need to manage the team quickly and make sure all jobs have the manpower required, you need to learn how to use the limited waste collection vehicles to satisfy the needs of all your clients, and you need to follow the laws set out by the country, city, and Hillingdon.

We are very effective at our job because we realized the problem early on, and we saw how other services fail to please us. That’s why from the first day we started our company, we kept a close track of all our performance metrics, client satisfaction, and the time needed to do each waste removal job. Our data-driven approach ensures that we as a company keep improving our services and hold our employees accountable to the highest standards. We take a personalized and custom approach to each area, and because we have a lot of clients in Hillingdon, we pay special attention to this place.

Service prices in UB10 area

Take advantage of our affordable prices and hassle-free rubbish collection services in Hillingdon. Study the price range for our company’s services and don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our experts will guide you through the best solutions for you.

Minimum Load Mix50£
Full Load Mix240£
Half Load Mix150£
Rubble up to 3t160£
Soil full load180£
Fridge & Fridge freezer50-70£
Tyres10£ each

Not sure if we can handle your rubbish? Give us a call 02036383365

* We don’t take fire extinguishers, asbestos & radioactive waste.

London Borough of Hillingdon

What people say about us?

The Rubbish Solution team was efficient and friendly. What more could I ask for! Great service for the price quoted on the website.

★★★★★ Gregory Atkinson

Great experience! Prompt communication, really quick removal, and polite staff. I renovate my home seasonally, and I often require waste collection services in Hillingdon, and I have experience with the service of a lot of companies over the years. I thought they were all more-or-less the same, but I was sorely mistaken. Rubbish Collection’s services were superior in every way imaginable: cheaper, quicker, and more professional. If you’re thinking about a waste removal service in Hillingdon, you should definitely consider them.

★★★★★ Alex Mitchell

Rubbish removal in Hillingdon: Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews

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