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Choose our company and find out yourself that trash clearance doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive and time-engaging. Our company is a team of professionals that can provide you with a fast and efficient cleaning of all of your waste. If you have any junk waiting to be removed get in touch with us and we will handle it seamlessly. We offer you full support – equipment and domestic trash collection (for example big furniture and heaters) as well as garden waste. Do you need to arrange a house junk removal? With our company the process will be painless and your-bank-account-friendly. Just call our company and make a booking. We are proud of our excellent Customer Service. Only a few questions are enough for our advisors to prepare a quotation for you that will meet your individual requirements. When the booking is finalized, our team will be on its way in no time. Fast and skilful workers will take a great care of your garbage. Also, they will do all the packing and cleaning afterwards. When it’s possible, we recycle garbage so our services are environment-friendly. Do you want to receive your individual quotation for garbage removal? Get in touch with us right now!

Garage removal

Garages are usually a place of choice for filling it with all the junk that is lying around our houses. To the moment when you realise that you can barely park your car, or that walking through your garage becomes a life hazard. Our specialists are always equipped with the latest knowledge of regulations as well as the knowhow of dozens of trash collection points that specialise in different waste materials. So instead of doing all the heavy lifting and driving around London in search of a waste plant that will accept your junk, give us a call and put your garage to some use again!

Trash removal

We sometimes forget that the main purpose of our gardens is to serve as a place in which you can relax and enjoy that piece of green space in a busy city. Just answer yourself what you would naturally do with an old bbq, old kitchen table or a rusty bicycle? We have seen gardens that no longer were places of peace and quiet but turned into scrapyards. Once we arrive, we will sort everything accordingly and after loading it, we will leave your garden clean and tidy. So give us a call, book our trash removal services and enjoy your garden once again!

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House clereance

Rubbish Solutions is the best choice you could make if you’re looking for a reliable house clearance solution. We offer some of the quickest, friendliest, most efficient house clearance services in London. Gone will be the days of storing things you no longer need and cluttering up your house – with our help, you can get rid of all the clutter effortlessly. Contact us today to get rid of all domestic waste in no time at all – we’re always on time and ready to give it our all, recycling everything that we can.

Commercial clearance

Rubbish clearance doesn’t have to be an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive task – we can make it easy and infinitely accessible with our expert service! Rubbish Solutions employs some of the best teams of professionals to help you out with waste of any kind and any volume. We waste no time bringing your area of choice to a state of exquisite cleanliness. Our experts will handle all your domestic rubbish, garden waste, and all other types of waste that might otherwise be difficult to dispose of.

Builders site clearance

A house refurbishment is an involving process that produces a lot of waste. And nobody wants to enter their newly-remodelled home only to encounter piles of rubbish that ruin the whole experience. That’s where Rubbish Solutions come in – we can help you out with all your construction and refurbishment rubbish. With expert builders site clearance services, we are some of the most reliable specialists in the field, making sure that your home is nice and clean after construction, refurbishment, or any other disruptive procedure.

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Ealing is one of London’s boroughs located to the south of the city centre. It is a diverse district with a thriving shopping scene and nightlife. As one of the largest boroughs of London, it is a common tourist destination with plenty of notable places to see. There’s the oldest film studion in the world, the PM Gallery, the Ealing Broadway shopping centre, many restaurants, and many places like parks where you can just sit back and enjoy nature’s beauty. Ealing’s distinct character is what makes it one of the most notable London boroughs.


Part of the London Borough of Brent, Wembley is located in northwest London, and it’s one of the most affluent areas around. One of its most notable parts is the Wembley Stadium, which is one of the most well known landmarks in the entire country. Opened in 2007, the Wembley Stadium is home to a number of sports events, including football tournaments, rugby leagues, as well as music concerts. Other than the stadium, the area overall is very peaceful, with small houses, theatres, pubs, and other areas that are pleasant to visit.

West London

One of the official sub-regions of Greater London, West London is a large area that consists of a number of prominent London Boroughs, including Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, and Hounslow. Heathrow Airport is one of the most important structures in the entire region, as it’s one of the leading employers in the are. It offers a great quality of life, with a pleasant rural environment in the suburbs and several high-class attractions in the city’s more urban areas.


Hillingdon is one of the largest boroughs of London. Located near Central London, it is a hub for all those who travel, whether it’s to London, or from London, as it houses the Heathrow and RAF airports. With 239 parks and open spaces, a myriad of rivers, canals, and woodlands, it has a lot to offer for all those who want to enjoy nature close to the city. Hillingdon is also famous for other landmarks, such as Hillingdon Court, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Grand Union Canal, and many more!


Hounslow is one of London’s outer boroughs, located in the western part of the area, on the Middlesex bank of the River Thames. It is a large town with its main focus being commerce, though historically it served quite a different purpose, bring the seat of the Holy Trinity Monastery and founded in 1211. The small village it once was eventually grew into one of the most bustling parts of the city, focusing on retail and aviation.