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House Clearance

We are proud to be the most the quickest, friendliest and most efficient house clearance service provider in London. You no longer need to stuff all the things you no longer use in every possible corner and storage space. In fact, we think that storage spaces should be for storing stuff that you actually need. There is no need to use them as an extension of a dust bin.

We are able to collect pretty much everything you can think of. Be it a collection of books no one will ever read or a grand piano – we can take it. Moreover it does not matter if you leave on the ground floor in quiet suburbs or on top of the Shard. We have a great experience of removing junk from some of the most awkward spaces in the capital. Not only we will clear your house, we will also make sure that we leave your place in a neat and tidy condition.

On top of that we are as interested removing a single book of shelves as in getting rid of a lifetime collection of ironing boards. In other words , it does not matter to us if it is a single item or few tonnes of them. Of course we will charge you only for the space that you actually use.

Sofa Removal

One of the most popular jobs that we do is sofa removals. They are super difficult to be taken downstairs and usually require a larger than regular van. What would take you half of the day of heavy lifting and hussle, we will do quickly and efficiently. Saving you costs of a van rental, litres of sweat and few scratched walls. If you need to get rid of your sofa, just give us a call and we will come to collect it in a time slot chosen by you.

Furniture Disposal

All those file cabinets, half broken chairs, and set of drawers stacked on top of one another. Sounds familiar? We usually do not notice all this stuff before it becomes true nuisance. The main problem with that type of rubbish, is that most of the time it is extremely bulky. To get rid of it on your own you would probably need few rides in a regular van, to mention the workforce and the knowledge of all the regulations. Instead, if you decide to use our services, we will come, pick up and load all unwanted furniture in a matter of seconds. We always adjust our services to your needs. When making a booking, pick a time slot that is convenient for you and if you accept a quote that we give, that is pretty much everything you have to worry about.

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