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We all know that getting your house remodelled means a lot of mess. Especially when the job is done – huge stacks of waste are piling in front of our houses. The chances of the local council removing this waste are slim and even if they remove some of it, there will still be a lot left behind. There are laws that need to be followed with certain types of rubbish, particularly if hazardous substances are involved. Most importantly we will make sure that after we leave there is no mess left behind us.

Our employees are trained to remove all trash in a safe and law abiding manner. When it comes to cleaning the piled trashes, the greatest challenge is to separate materials according to local regulations. Our staff, thanks to years of experience will deal with it swiftly and safely – we will categorise each item and dispose of it appropriately.
This heap of rubbish is often an issue not only for you but also for your neighbours, so it is absolutely vital to remove it as quickly as possible. When you give us a call, we will arrange a suitable collection time with you and once we get to the place we will sort it out in no time. Unlike other companies we will not charge you any hidden fees and you will know the exact price beforehand. Not to mention that our prices are absolutely unrivalled in the whole London area!

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House clereance

Rubbish Solutions is the best choice you could make if you're looking for a reliable house clearance solution. We offer some of the quickest, friendliest, most efficient house clearance services in London. Gone will be the days of storing things you no longer need and cluttering up your house - with our help, you can get rid of all the clutter effortlessly. Contact us today to get rid of all domestic waste in no time at all - we're always on time and ready to give it our all, recycling everything that we can.

Rubbish removal

Rubbish clearance doesn't have to be an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive task - we can make it easy and infinitely accessible with our expert service! Rubbish Solutions employs some of the best teams of professionals to help you out with waste of any kind and any volume. We waste no time bringing your area of choice to a state of exquisite cleanliness. Our experts will handle all your domestic rubbish, garden waste, and all other types of waste that might otherwise be difficult to dispose of.

Builders site clearance

A house refurbishment is an involving process that produces a lot of waste. And nobody wants to enter their newly-remodelled home only to encounter piles of rubbish that ruin the whole experience. That's where Rubbish Solutions come in - we can help you out with all your construction and refurbishment rubbish. With expert builders site clearance services, we are some of the most reliable specialists in the field, making sure that your home is nice and clean after construction, refurbishment, or any other disruptive procedure.

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