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Commercial rubbish clearance


We know that when you are running a business you want to focus on the business itself. We also know that some unwanted items in your office such as: furniture, computer equipment and electrical appliances take up lots of valuable space. But most importantly this piling stack of trash means that you could run your business more efficiently. Having to dispose of individual items can be very time consuming and a huge waste of a company’s time and resources. Just give us a call instead, and our team of professionals will deal with that for you! We pride ourselves on giving our customers excellent service and a value for money that you will not find anywhere else. If you have any questions about our services we are always happy to answer them, just give us a call and we will advise you further.

Office clearance

Time is money. Today it is impossible to run a successful business without giving time a top priority. As we all make sure that everything in our workplaces run as smoothly as possible, it is easy to miss those useless chairs, tables and old fax machines gathering in every possible corner. You could have delegated one of your employees to take care of it, but you will most likely end up wasting a couple of days, not to mention the very strict obligations of disposing of your garbage in a responsible way. Recently the government has imposed even more rigid rules of environmental policy which means that without the know how or hours and hours of research, it is virtually impossible to get rid of your trash without risking huge fines. It is notably difficult for all sorts of electronic appliances such as old computers, xero machines or monitors.


At Rubbish Solutions London LTD we value your time and always make sure that we collect and dispose of your unwanted stuff in the most efficient way possible. You are literally one phone call away from making your office look its best again.



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