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Why bother with a skip?!

Hiring a skip may seem like natural choice for removing your rubbish. There are few things though that will change your mind once and for always. First of all on the average, our vans can take 3 times as much rubbish as you would fit in a skip. Second of all, you do not need any permits as you would when hiring a skip. Also, with a skip you pay the same price regardless of the amount of stuff you want to throw away, there is no labour included and certain items are not allowed onto it. At Rubbish Solutions London LTD we will charge you only for the space that you actually use; we do all the sorting, lifting and loading and above that, we can take virtually all type of junk. So if you are still thinking about hiring a skip, think no more. Give us a call and our friendly professionals will take care of the rest!

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