Tele Rubbish Solutions London LTD, 94 Cygnet Ave
TW14 0DT Feltham London,
0203 638 3365 Companies House Number 10971988
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1. Once you collect your rubbish what happens next? 

We recycle most of it about 90% 

2. How can I book your services? 

Use the booking form on the website or simply call our friendly staff.

3. How fast can you remove my junk?

Usually we need at least 24 h notice, but we can always work something out.

4. Which areas do you cover?

We operate in London covering the Boroughs within M25

5. Can you clean after the removal?

Our politics is to clean after each removal so we live no mess behind.

6. My junk is heavy. Can you give me a hand with handling it

Our friendly team of workers always takes care of handling heavy rubbish, like furniture.

7. I’m looking for a company to clean my office. Are you able to do that?

Sure! We cover not only private junk removal, but also commercial garbage disposal. Just give us a call!.

8. How can I get a quotation?

It’s simple. Just fill the form on our website or call our office. We will prepare an exact question for you in no time. Of course it is free of charge.

9. I received your quotation but I changed my mind. Do I have to pay anyway?

No. If you saw the quotation but decided to go with other company or resigned – no worries. We will not charge you for the quotation until any action is taken.

10. What about your prices?

Our prices are very affordable. An individual quotation is always the most important, but you can check our price range on ‘Our services’ website.

11. Where I can learn about your offers and promotions?

You can sign up to our newsletter and become our fan on Facebook to be the first one to know about our special offers and promotions.

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