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Rubbish clearance London

Do you find yourself surrounded by unused pieces of furniture? Sometimes these extra chairs or tables are just sitting in your loft, basement or on top of wardrobes. Getting rid of them is often a nuisance. Especially with some more difficult items such as fridges or electric cookers it can be a true hassle. With the government and local authorities issuing more strict rules (which are quite confusing) about garbage disposal it is much easier to save time and money and let us do the job for you. We have made sure that our staff fully understand these rules and always adhere to the strict code of conduct when disposing of any item, particularly hazardous substances and white goods. You will not be required to arrange for any permits as you would have to with a skip.

Moreover, there is no job too small or too big for us. We always aim to give you the best customer service experience and from what we have heard, we are doing quite well on that. When you give us a call, we will give you a price and if you want to proceed we will send two professionals to your property. Once they arrive, they will segregate everything accordingly and remove your unwanted furniture and other goods. Most importantly, we want the whole process to be as smooth and hassle free as possible so we will not hide any extra fees from you. So contact us today and let us to the dirty job.

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